// F1 Boat #21

Racing Colors: Blue, White & Orange
Hull Design: 2009 Grand Prix
Boat Length: 16'6"
Engine Manufacturer: Mercury
Top Speed: 130 mph
Boat Weight: 1155 (With Driver)
Horse Power: 350

F1 Tunnelboats, the highest level of powerboat racing, reach top speeds of 130 mph and can be seen on TV world wide. This is a modified class with some restrictions to control cost and ensure durability. Unlike in auto racing, Formula 1 drivers constantly see different conditions lap after lap and must adjust their driving technique to tune into the ever-changing water conditions. Drivers must fly the boat with trim controls by reducing drag over the water and flying the boat like an airplane without blowing the boat over. These boats run on a pocket of air and are the world's fastest turning machines with g forces more than that of Indy car. With almost 20 boats per race, the final event of the weekend consists of 50 to 60 laps on an average 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 mile courses.


// Schedule

  • Grand Prix of Gulfport Gulfport, FL Mar 29  -  Mar 31  2019 Formula Lights
  • Port Neches Riverfest Port Neches, TX May 03  -  May 05  2019 Formula Lights
  • Bay City Rockin the River Bay City, MI Jul 12  -  Jul 14  2019 Formula 1, Formula Lights
  • Three Rivers Regatta Pittsburgh, PA Aug 02  -  Aug 04  2019 Formula Lights
  • Springfield Grand Prix Springfield, OH Aug 09  -  Aug 11  2019 Formula Lights
  • Roar of the Rockies Windsor, CO Aug 31  -  Sep 01  2019 Formula Lights
  • Grand Prix of Naples Naples, FL Oct 12  -  Oct 13  2019 Formula Lights
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